2023 Presentations

CIF Southern Section Eligibility Seminar

Mike West, Commissioner of Athletics & Assistant Commissioners

Servant Leadership

Jack Kocur

How to Create a Student Media / Broadcast Program on your Campus

Taylor Martinez

An Athletic Leadership Academy / Council

Matt Maeda

Life Over Sport

Travis Kikugawa

Legal Issues in High School Sports

Diane Marshall – Freeman & Brian Seymour

Emergency Action Plan

Matt Quijano

Uncharted Territory: Learning to Navigate NIL

Dr. Alexis Barile & Alicia Seevers

CIF-SS Home / Home Campus Updates & New Features!

Home Campus Staff

Challenges Facing Female Athletic Directors

Melissa Vandenbosch

The Athletic Director is the Principal’s Best Friend

Carter Paysinger

Concussion Standards in the Secondary School Setting

Heather Harvey

ArbiterSports 411

Ashlee Lavatai

The Safest, Easiest and Most Profitable Fundraiser Ever

Dylan Garrity

Principal’s Roundtable

Dr. Monica Colunga & Dr. Paula Hart Rodas