CIF Southern Section Goals for School Year 2022-23

* Denotes Existing Goals from previous years that continue in 2022-23
* Denotes New Goals for 2022-23

1. Continue to Enhance Communication Between the CIF Southern Section Office, Member Schools and the Executive Committee
  1. Expand the use of social media in communications with member schools, the public and media outlets.
  2. Continue to develop enhanced mobile version of the website including links with social media platforms.
  3. Implement redesign of Southern Section public website,
  4. Publish periodic Messages from the Commissioner on Southern Section website and all social media platforms.
  5. Prepare and distribute frequent Executive Committee Updates.
  6. Directly communicate information by email to entire section membership and selected groups.
  7. Offer opportunities and conduct personal interviews with media members from throughout the various geographic areas of the section.
  8. Conduct Fall Workshops at various geographic locations throughout the Southern Section.
  9. Continue official’s recruitment program utilizing section website and social media platform.
  10. Launch weekly video program, entitled CIF-SS This Week, that will be available via, YouTube and SBLive platforms.
2. Implement Year 1 of CIFSSHome 2.0 for CIF Southern Section Member Schools
  1. Activate CIFSSHome 2.0 for the 2022-2023 school year.
  2. Along with staff, facilitate numerous training sessions for member schools.
  3. Along with staff, provide ongoing training and assistance to member schools on a daily basis.
  4. Continue to develop and expand features of CIFSSHome 2.0.
3. Conduct Inaugural Beach Volleyball Championships
  1. Identify format and qualification process CIF Southern Section Beach Volleyball Championships.
  2. Conduct Inaugural Team Championships Tournament.
  3. Conduct Inaugural Pairs Tournament Championship.
4. Implement New Rules Changes
  1. New Official’s Fees Agreement.
  2. CIF Bylaw 210 – Lifetime ban from CIF athletic events for anyone who physically assaults a game official.
  3. CIF Bylaw 510.1 – Eliminated.
  4. CIF Southern Section Bylaws 3419.7 and 3420.3 – Competitive equity playoff system for both divisions of 8-Man Football.
  5. CIF Southern Section Bylaw 2419 – Girls Lacrosse – Two yellow cards will result in a game exclusion but will not include a subsequent game suspension from the next contest.
5. Provide Professional Growth Opportunities for Member Schools
  1. Launch Year 7 of the MVP AD Program.
  2. Conduct CIF Southern Section Athletic Administrator Summit.
    1. Launch inaugural Athletic Trainers Track at the Athletic Administrators Summit.
6. Financial Matters
  1. Expand CIF Southern Section investment opportunities under approved CIF Southern Section Investment Policy.
  2. Along with CIF Sports Properties, increase revenue share in Year 6 of the CIF Marketing Plan.
  3. Continue online ticketing, through the GoFan platform, for all Southern Section playoff events.
  4. Facilitate the distribution of grant monies received from the California Department of Education in support of the organization’s mission and member schools.
  5. Onboard member schools to receive all payments from the CIF Southern Section electronically via Automated Clearing House (ACH) network instead of mailing checks.
  6. Secure an official ball agreement for Boys/Girls Tennis.
  7. Secure an official ball agreement for Beach Volleyball.
7. Examine and Explore Issues Involving Public and Private Schools
  1. Continue to work with the CIF Southern Section Public/Private Committee on an ongoing basis.
  2. Continue to work with the Private School Leadership Advisory Committee on an ongoing basis.
  3. Continue to engage in a constructive dialogue with member schools, both public and private, on public/private issues.
  4. Serve as a resource for member schools, leagues and areas of the CIF Southern Section by attending league meetings, area meetings and athletic director association meetings.
  5. Continue to emphasize adherence to current CIF State Constitution and Bylaws and CIF Southern Section Blue Book rules that apply to all schools.
  6. Implement and evaluate new CIF Bylaw 510 interpretations and recommend modifications, as needed.
  7. Examine Southern Section Bylaw 510, specifically related to issues involving Name, Image and Likeness, and recommend clarifications/modifications to existing Bylaw, including new Q and A’s.
8. Work Cooperatively with the CIF State Office and the Other 9 Sections
  1. Generate a sectional identity that provides leadership, along with being cooperative and sensitive to the needs of the CIF and the other sectional organizations.
  2. Develop strategies that recognize and support the needs of the CIF and the other sections without sacrificing the strengths and interests of the CIF Southern Section.
  3. Serve as a resource, along with members of the CIF Southern Section Staff, to the CIF State Office in the management and conducting of CIF State Regional and CIF State Championship events.
    1. Rob Wigod – Event Manager, CIF State Football Championships.
    2. Rob Wigod – Member, CIF Constitution and Bylaws Editorial Committee.
    3. Kristine Palle – Member, CIF Constitution and Bylaws Editorial Committee.
    4. Thom Simmons – Director, CIF Southern Regional Basketball Championships.
  4. Partnering with the CIF State Office, host the National Association of Sports Officials Annual Summit in Riverside on July 28-30, 2023.
    1. Along with the CIF State Office, coordinate and facilitate California Officiating Day at the National Association of Sports Officials Annual Summit in Riverside on Saturday, July 27, 2023.
9. Expand Relationships with the National Federation of State High School Associations
  1. Along with staff, serve on various national committees affiliated with the National Federation of State High School Associations.
  2. Along with Bally’s Sports, offer increased opportunities for member schools to participate in the NFHS Network Student Broadcast Program.
  3. Assist the NFHS Network in implementing the Pixellot Free for All Program, which provides two Pixellot cameras for every Southern Section member school free of charge, including free installation, and immediate revenue share opportunities for member schools.
  4. Rob Wigod – Member, NFHS Network Leadership Circle.
  5. Rob Wigod – Board Member – National Association of Sports Officials.
  6. Kristine Palle – Chair, NFHS Water Polo Rules Committee.
  7. Thom Simmons – Southern Section Coordinator, NFHS Network.