Awards & Merchandise

The CIF-SS has a number of exclusive vendors that provide additional ‘championships’ items, ‘champions’ awards and licensed vendors who can provide custom items that include the CIF-SS mark.


The following companies are exclusively licensed to use the “CIF” and CIF-SS registered trademarks and logos on rings

Only CIF State licensed ring vendors may use the CIF or CIF-SS registered trademarks and logos.


The following companies are exclusively licensed to use the CIF-SS registered trademarks for additional ‘Champions’, ‘Championships’ or custom patches:

Team Champions/Runner up Patches

Official Patch Provider – JL Custom Jackets and Patches is the EXCLUSIVE provider of the ‘Team Champions’, “Team Runner Up/Finalist” and “Team ALL-CIF” patch. To order additional team patches, contact: Custom Service, 951-867-3200, [email protected] 

Championship Event Patches

CIF T-SHIRTS is the on-site vendor at the CIF-SS Championship events. You can buy ‘Championships’ patches at the events or you can also order on-line via the CIF-SS web site at Additionally, the Licensed Patch Providers below offer Sport Championship Patches for your student-athlete or team.

Custom Patches – Licensed Patch Providers

The following vendors, listed alphabetically, are CIF-SS licensed to create custom patches for your team that can include the CIF-SS trademark, abbreviation or logo.

Banners & Custom Souvenirs

Official CIF-SS Championships Souvenirs

Visit to shop for all CIF-SS Souvenirs — including T-shirts, patches, pins, headwear, and more.

Custom Banners & Souvenirs

The following vendors are licensed to create items that include the CIF-SS trademarked logos and marks. (Please note the use of “CIF” without “SS” or Southern Section is a violation of the State CIF trademark and is prohibited).

Additional Playoff Awards

Member schools may order additional CIF-SS awards for your team exclusively from the vendors:

Medals & Plaques

All American Trophy — Paul Purdum, (323) 725-1962

Team Champions/Runner Up Patches

JL Custom Jackets & Patches — Custom Service, 951-867-3200, [email protected]