Sports Medicine

Form Name Description
Common Sense Skin Hygiene Recommendations for schools and coaches to prevent spread of infections in sports teams.
Concussion Return to Play Protocol Info Video Presentation Explaining Return to Play Protocol
Concussion Return to Play Protocol Return to Play Protocol Form – Required Form If Student Athlete Is Diagnosed With Concussion
Concussion Prevention Education Video Useful information to keep sports safe and avoid concussions.
Concussion Information Form Required Parent/Student Athlete Concussion Information Form
Heat Fact Sheet Heat Acclimation Guidelines
Hot Weather Tips A list of heat stress symptoms, and precautions to take to avoid them
Medical Release Form -Wrestlers Skin NFHS Medical Release Form For Wrestlers to Participate with Skin Lesion
Minimizing Risk of Injury 2014-2017 Guidelines for minimizing the risk of injury in high school athletics
MRSA Skin Information Identification of MRSA (methicillin-resistant staph aureus)
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form Sudden Cardiac Arrest Warning Signs and Required Parent/Student Athlete Form.
Wrestlers Diet for Healthy Weight Control Suggested Guidelines for a Wrestlers Weight Management
Wrestlers Skin Health-Groom Check Coaches Suggestions for Management of Skin Health in Wrestling