Valid Change of Residence

As the school year moves from August into September, our office is focused on processing the large number of transfers that are submitted to us by our member schools. For example, in one month, August, 2015, we processed 1,645 total transfers. The category that has the highest number of transfers, 745 in the month of August, are those under CIF Bylaw 206C, Valid Change of Residence. The purpose behind this bylaw, which has been in place for a very long time, is to allow for a student whose family moves from one location to another to have unlimited eligibility at their new school of attendance. However, like any bylaw that exists, there are those who wish to use this bylaw as an avenue for immediate eligibility at a new school that is unrelated to the original purpose and intent of this bylaw. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to remind our member schools of their vital responsibilities in evaluating whether a student has actually met the standards for a valid change of residence under CIF Bylaw 206C.

The process for certifying a valid change of residence falls entirely on our member schools. When a new student arrives on campus and states that they have made a valid change of residence, the member school has the task of verifying that to be true. The Southern Section Blue Book is very clear in listing the evidence that a school can request from a family to make sure that a valid change of residence has occurred. Once the school has verified a valid change of residence, they submit the required paperwork to us through the CIFSSHome system, which informs us of that fact, and the student becomes immediately eligible at that school.

In reviewing a valid change of address, be diligent, ask difficult questions and demand proof that leaves no doubt that the following standards in CIF Bylaw 206C have been met.


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