Since We Last Met

At our CIF Southern Section Council Meeting on October 6, we presented the Playoff Groupings by Competitive Equity proposal to our League Representatives. At that meeting, we encouraged our constituents to invite our staff members to attend league meetings and/or area meetings to answer questions, provide clarifications and serve as a resource for those groups as this proposal continues through the discussion phase heading toward the vote on January 27, 2016. Since we last met on October 6, I have met or will meet soon with our four Athletic Director Associations, several leagues and three of our Athletic Conferences. In my travels around our section, one of the questions frequently asked is, “What is it about our current system of placing leagues into playoff divisions that this proposal

is trying to address?” In an effort to answer that question, I would like to offer some data from our Fall Championships currently taking place to illustrate some issues with our current system.

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