Public and Private Schools – Perception or Reality

During the approximately 35 years of my involvement in high school athletics in many different capacities, the discussion regarding the differences between public and private schools has been ongoing. In searching our archives, we have minutes from C.I.F. Southern Section meetings from the 1920’s that have references to issues involving public and private schools, so... Continue Reading →

Area Placement / Releaguing

One of the biggest issues and concerns that our member schools have involves Releaguing. Every four years, the task of configuring our leagues takes place. It is a subject that our member schools are extremely passionate about and take very seriously. The process involves having each of the nine designated areas of our section formulate... Continue Reading →


As we head toward the end of this school year, I am very excited to update you on what we are planning to launch for the 2012-2013 school year. It is evidently clear to us that our school personnel are being asked to do more work, with less resources available, and the challenges of keeping... Continue Reading →