Recharged & Ready to Go

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year! As I do each year with my first Message from the Commissioner, I would like to give you a preview of what is to come… Competitive Equity Playoff Groupings – This year will certainly be known as the first year that we implemented Competitive Equity Playoff Groupings in our... Continue Reading →

A Look Back At The Last 5 Years – 2011-2016

Commissioner’s Message #11 Since being named the Commissioner of Athletics for the CIF Southern Sec on on August 2, 2011, working together with our member schools, the Executive Committee and our dedicated staff, I believe we have been able to accomplish many things that have moved our sec on forward. We have done so in... Continue Reading →

Unified Sports

Special Olympics has been with us for a long me. This program has been invaluable to our na on and to the world providing athletic opportunities for people of all ages who have physical and/or mental disabilities. Anyone who has a child with special needs or has been involved in the Special Olympics movement will... Continue Reading →

State of Officiating

Commissioner’s Message #9 In my 16 years working for the CIF Southern Sec on, I have learned many things about officiating. Last week, we all learned even more about the current state of officiating in our sec on when the CIF Southern Sec on Council did not approve the proposal from the Officials Fees/ Relations... Continue Reading →

2015-2016 Academic Award Winners Announced

LOS ALAMITOS – The winners of the 30th Annual CIF Southern Section – FORD Academic Awards program were announced at the CIF-SS Office today. The team awards, based on a cumulative grade point average, are awarded in 23 team sports. Entries from 1,852 teams were received this year. Twenty-six different CIF-SS member schools are represented... Continue Reading →

Two Phone Calls

As I work through my fifth year as the Commissioner of Athletics for the CIF Southern Section, I cannot help but reflect on where I have been and where I am going. I would like to share a story of how two phone calls resulted in giving me the incredible opportunity I now have to... Continue Reading →

Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver – Competitive Equity Playoffs We took a stand and now it is time for us to deliver. Last week, the CIF Southern Section Council sent a loud and clear message that you are ready for a change. You made Competitive Equity Playoffs a reality, by a vote of 74-10-1, and this new... Continue Reading →

CIF-SS History Tidbits

CIF-SS HISTORY – 100 YEARS OF GREATNESS!   The CIF-SS office has just posted on their new website 100 short historical essays (“tidbits”) celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the CIF-SS. These essays written by Dr. John Dahlem, Past President of the CIF-SS and current Volunteer Historian, cover a wide variety of subjects from Manzanar High School, the “grenade throw” as... Continue Reading →

Multi-Sport Athletes and Multi-School Athletes

I believe that one of the founding principles of our organization, which has continued throughout our history, is to encourage and promote student-athletes participating in multiple sports throughout their high school years. In this way, our student-athletes continue to learn the life’s lessons that their high school athletics experiences can teach them in a different... Continue Reading →