As we head toward the end of this school year, I am very excited to update you on what we are planning to launch for the 2012-2013 school year. It is evidently clear to us that our school personnel are being asked to do more work, with less resources available, and the challenges of keeping our athletic programs functioning at their highest levels becomes more and more difficult each year. Therefore, we have been working for over a year on a web-based communications system that will make our ability to communicate with you, and your ability to do the same with us, in less time and with more efficiency than ever before. I believe that our organization has a responsibility to try and help our member schools in any way we can and it is my hope that you will realize the benefits of our efforts by the beginning of the next school year.

I want to introduce you to something that will be a vital part of your ability to get things done and it is called…CIFSSHome. This system is set up to take the many tasks we need to do together and have the ability to accomplish them electronically. A major priority in developing this system was to eliminate duplication of work by streamlining the exchange of information between our member schools and our office.

Some examples of these tasks that will be handled electronically are…

  • Correspondence: Our office will have the capability to email specific groups like principals, athletic directors, specific sports coaches, etc.
  • Message Center: Our office will have messages for you when you log on, if applicable.
  • To Do Lists: Based on due dates, etc., this system will remind you of what needs to be sent to our office and when.
  • Directory Information: Can be updated anytime by our member schools, as necessary.
  • Transfer Paperwork: All transfer paperwork will be processed electronically, no more mail or fax!
  • Playoff Work Flow: Entry Verification Sheets, League Entries, At-Large Forms, etc.
  • Playoff Finance Integration: Game Reports, etc.
  • Misconduct Work Flow: Ejection Reports, etc.
  • Forms: Sanctioned Events, Games Wanted, Coaches Wanted, Academic Awards, etc.

These are just a few examples and there are many, many more.

Currently, we have 4 leagues in our section that are testing CIFSSHome to make sure we get a chance to see it in practice before we launch it next Fall. So far, so good, as it relates to testing the system and we look forward to continuing to see the results of those tests in helping us move forward. Along that line, now that you have an idea of what is to come, we need to begin training our member school personnel on how to operate within CIFSSHome. Our upcoming Fall Workshops, in several areas of our section, are going to be the primary platform for us to meet with you and get you started. Please be sure to check our website soon for the dates, times and locations of those seminars because this year it will be extremely important for our athletic directors to attend. Along with the Fall Workshops, there will be video tutorials available to help orient you and our very capable staff will certainly be at the ready to assist you with your questions as well.

This is a tremendous opportunity for our office and our section to move into the electronic age together. In the time ahead, we will continue to make every effort to serve you as quickly and efficiently as possible. As we prepare for the 2012-2013 school year and the celebration of our 100th Anniversary as an organization, I say welcome to CIFSSHome.

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