First “Watch-List” for 2017 Open Division Basketball Released

For the first me in 2017, the CIF Southern Sec on Basketball Open Division Selec on Commi ee has released their “Open Division Watch List”.

This list has been developed to iden fy the current pool of schools, based upon their performance this season, as possible “Open” division entrants into the 2017 CIF-SS-Ford Basketball Championships.

The schools on the “Watch List” have shown that they are among the elite basketball teams currently in the Southern Sec on, based upon their performance, so far this season.

The commi ee will update the list twice more (January 30 and February 6) to track teams through league play, leading up to final “Open” division selec on, on Friday, February 10.

Teams may be added and/or dropped off the “Watch List” between this ini al list and final selec on. Up to a maximum of 16 teams may be selected for the boys and girls “Open” division playoff bracket.

First “Watch-List” for 2017 Open Division Basketball Released
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