The CIF Southern Section is an educational institution committed to utilizing the high school athletic experience to build a foundation for young people to help them be successful in life. We are primarily known for conducting championship playoffs in 24 sports for Boys and Girls and there is certainly a great deal of attention paid... Continue Reading →

Undue Influence

In working with all of the rules that govern the conduct of the interscholastic athletic programs in the CIF Southern Section, it has been my experience that the rules regarding undue influence are the ones that generate a tremendous amount of discussion. Perhaps no other subject elicits as much passion as this one and it... Continue Reading →


“Playoffs? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game!” Former NFL Head Coach Jim Mora, Sr. fashioned that quote several years ago at a post-game press conference in response to a question about the possibility of post-season play after his Indianapolis Colts team had lost that day. The point he was trying to make... Continue Reading →

Here Comes Year 101

How do you follow up on our 100th Anniversary Year? You take a break, recharge your batteries and get ready to go for Year 101. It is with that in mind that I welcome you to the 2013-2014 school year and look forward to beginning our second century as an organization working together with you.... Continue Reading →