Area Placement, Releaguing and Playoff Groupings Update

Area Placement, Releaguing and Playoff Groupings Update

Last Friday, an arbitrator ruled in favor of 4 member schools that had challenged the recommendations of the CIF Southern Section Staff, and upheld on appeal by the CIF Southern Section Executive Committee, to place those 4 schools into the Parochial Area for the 2014-2018 Releaguing Cycle.

As a result of the arbitrator’s ruling, here is some information regarding what will be forthcoming in the time ahead…

– Area Placement – The decision of the arbitrator ordered that Damien High School and St. Lucy’s High School be placed in the Mt. SAC Area and that Oaks Christian High School and St. Bonaventure High School be placed in the Northern Area for 2014-2018.

– Releaguing – The Mt. SAC Area, Northern Area and Parochial Area will immediately begin the Releaguing
process for their areas. The timeline for that process is attached. Only those three areas are affected by this situation, so all of the other areas of our section who have already completed Releaguing for 2014-2018 are not affected in any way by this decision.

– Playoff Groupings – The CIF Southern Section Staff’s recommendations for Playoff Groupings for the 2014-2016 Playoff Groupings Cycle were originally scheduled to be released this Friday, March 14. However, with Releaguing needing to be completed by the Mt. SAC Area, Northern Area and Parochial Area, those recommendations cannot be released until those areas complete Releaguing. The entire Releaguing process in those areas, including appeals, will be completed by April 30, 2014.

Therefore, a revised timeline for Playoff Groupings will be announced soon.

I thank you for your understanding and support as we move forward and if you have any questions, or we
can help you in any way at all, do not hesitate to contact our office.